Friday, December 26, 2008

The Boxing Day Ride

Boxing day, a classic Australian Holiday, the day after Christmas day, and a perfect day for some boys to head out for a cruisy ride.

The meet up spot was on the outskirts of town, suburbia one way, hills the other, and a forecast of a hazy 30 degrees.

The route was as per usual for these boys, a lap of the famous Cotter-Urriara loop, followed by a coffee or two - although finding a cafe open today was always goinging to be risky. 

Early on it was fun times, everyone happy with the pace, fitness levels irrelevant.

Later, after a savage KOM sprint, one keenstar kept the legs rolling, and moved out to become a mere dot on the horizon. 

But, just like 'joyeaux noel', hostilities were suspended, and battle stories were shared over coffee.

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