Sunday, August 2, 2009

TVCC Sun 2 Aug 2009 Tharwa (Graded Scratch)


It was a chilly and foggy morning with a tough race on the cards, but that didn't stop a solid field of 45 riders turning up to tackle the 10km Honeysuckle climb. In the combined A and B grade, Simon Christopher went early on a solo break and held it for close to 40kms before being brought back in, but on the climb it was Sean Moran who had it just over Matthew Rizzuto. The 33km/hr average was pretty impressive for these guys. David Sheppard was a minute behind and the ever improving Tor Lattimore a further minute back. The first B grade riders weren't too far behind with Ben Barr proving himself a solid climber for first and sprinter Baden Burke also impressing for second. Velo's Stephen Blackburn rounded out the top three while The Bosworth struggled after being promoted a grade on the back of a virus. The C grade field had good numbers as usual leading to some tactical racing. The field was able to bring back a two man break early in the hill and David McGrath proved his mountain legs, with youngster Brayden Clews-Proctor out sprinting Andrew Lake for second. D grade also stayed largely together to the climb and it was the powerful Roger Northcote who put down the challenge early, chased by the only two femmes in the race Libby Adamson and Nicola Bullock. But it was the professor himself, Mark Bouffler who rode tempo, caught the front runners and continued on for
an easy victory. Roger came in second as Vikings equipment man Mark Stevenson rode in for third. After the late withdrawals of several riders, just two lined up for E grade. 14 year old David Jenvey impressed in his first race, setting a solid time, while Chris Knezevic came home in second. Overall it was a really hard day for the riders, but it was raced in great spirit and I was impressed to see the A and B graders waiting at the top to cheer on the finishers from the lower grades. It's a feat just to get to the top of what I think is the hardest climb in the ACT, and we had just 4 DNFs in the race - so well done all.

Please welcome our 6 new riders and visitors (Vis)

Thanks to the Race Director: Braham Hart, 45 Competitors, and thanks to the 3 Marshals performing essential duties:

Clare Jones,

Matthew Larkin, who stepped in at the eleventh hour to help out,

Bradley Lovelock, who marshaled for the second time within 8 months.

Race Director: Braham Hart, 45 Competitors, 3 Marshals.

Grade Place Last Name First Name Adjusted Time

A 1 Moran Sean 01:39:16

A 2 Rizzuto Matthew 01:39:23

A 3 Shepherd David 01:40:25

A 4 Lattimore Tor 01:41:35

A 5 Tolhurst Michael 01:41:36

A 6 Rickerby Nathan 01:43:21

A 7 Christopher Simon 01:45:39

A 8 Ruse Damian 01:45:51

B 1 Barr Benjamin 01:44:25

B 2 Burke Baden 01:45:12

B 3 Blackburn Stephen 01:47:44

B 4 Williamson Luke 01:53:18

B 5 Nicol Hamish 01:53:42

B 6 Claringbold Simon 01:54:18

B 7 Dwyer Simon 02:03:17

B 8 Rhind Jeremy 02:06:55

C 1 MCGRATH David 01:46:18

C 2 ClewsProctor Brayden 01:48:14

C 3 Lake Andrew 01:48:18

C 4 McNamara Dan 01:48:25

C 5 Walter Rob 01:49:23

C 6 Hoy Ben 01:49:25

C 7 Mossard Francois 01:50:48

C 8 MichelinBeard Ivan 01:51:18

C 9 Beitzel Christian 01:52:59

C 10 Fisher John 01:54:15

C 11 Fisher Jackson 01:54:51

C 12 Atkinson James 02:01:12

D 1 Bouffler Mark 01:19:39

D 2 Northcote Roger 01:21:30

D 3 Stevenson Mark 01:22:10

D 4 MacPherson Ross 01:22:12

D 5 Adamson Libby 01:22:16

D 6 Bullock Nicola 01:22:28

D 7 Long Ben 01:24:38

D 8 Harrison Steven 01:25:19

D 9 Calabria Stephen 01:26:42

D 10 Powell Sue 01:27:02

D 11 Goodspeed Bruce 01:31:51

E 1 Jenvey David 01:33:43

E 2 Knezevic Christopher 01:45:00

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