Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summary, Analysis & Next Steps!


I set myself the goal of top 10 in both the time trial and road race, so with an 11th in the time trial and a 9th in the road race, I almost made it! It is an average of 10th though! Of course, my time trial time would have given me top 10 in every other category...


Am happy with my time trial time - in the race I was rested, had good HR, and felt like good position/form. That said, didn't have good sensations and didn't feel particularly fast with tailwind.

Road race was good, had really good sensations and probably could have gone deeper in last 20km attacking, although last 13km into block headwind. Away with one other for 3rd/4th in last 3km, caught last 750m, and bunch sprint for 3rd. 1st and 2nd away for half of race.

Am happy with form after three months of quality training - could feel the impact of the trainer work more in road race than time trial - not sure what needs to be changed about time trial training (maybe more longer on-road efforts.

Next Steps

3min test; ramp test; recovery week, then 8 weeks to Tour of Bright!

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