Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bontrager Arm and Leg Warmers - a Review

Got hold of some Bontrager arm and leg warmers yesterday, and couldn't wait to give them a go today! Luckily today's forecast was for a sunny, but windy top of 14 degrees. Given the Pro rule about no exposed arms and legs below 20 degrees - perfect conditions.

First up, aren't Bontrager a company that makes bike parts and accessories? What would they know about making clothing? Well, I've got to say, they haven't relied (like some brands) on their past heritage or success, and have gone the extra distance in designing and delivering a superb product. These are no sewn up lycra tubes!

First challenge is putting them on. Helpfully, one arm and one leg have a small 'R' printed on them, so at least you know which side is which! However, both the arm and leg warmers are constructed from a number of panels, with contrasting overlap stitching creating a 'fitted' garment. The trick is, the one long seam needs to go on the inside of your arm/leg.

'R' is for right hand side, long seam goes on the inside!

The good news, all those panels neatly put together create arm and leg warmers that fit perfectly, do not bunch up around the elbow or knee, and result in the warmers staying put. Combined with the gripper material on the top of the arm and leg warmers, these puppies ain't going anywhere.

During a 2 1/2 hour ride today neither arm or leg warmers moved a centimetre, no falling down on arms or legs, no twisting or bunching up. Combine that with flat seams means no itches or irritations, and combine that with just material density and warmth, and these warmers are winners.

Do yourself a favour this winter - when you're looking for a new set of warmers, make sure you include Bontrager in the mix.

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  1. It's starting to be summer and I'm already thinking about the fall season. I love taking different knee socks for women and fashioning my own leg warmers out of them. There's something extra fantastic about having a piece of fashion you made yourself!